Purpose: To find the hr and analytical skills in the candidate

Team: maximum 3 per team

About Event

Rules & Regulations

Round 1:

Here we evaluate the candidate analytical towards a business issue

We will give him a business topic or issue and the 30 minutes of time will also give to him he

has understand that business issue and he has to present the reasons why the issue is

happened within a minute like jam and no material will be given he may use net contacts

whatever he can do but he has to present within 30 minutes only

Here he has to present the important points only.

Ex: satyam issue.

Evaluation criteria:

Time will be considered If he using more than 65 seconds “-5 marks will be


Completes by 60 seconds only “awards him extra 10 marks.”

For every valid and correct point he will receive 5 marks.

Round 2:

Here we are going to test viewing skills towards situation.

Hr should also consider human values so whatever a candidate saying may be a candidate

can explain his own sad feelings with a happy words but hr should correctly understand

what he is saying and wants to convey.

We giving him the movie clip may be from Bollywood, Tollywod, Hollywood, any type of

video which contains a human relation he has to interpret that and it has to presented in

one minute for this round we give him an hour time that time he can spend any where he

wants not in a place we said he can sit anywhere and he thinks with others also but he

should evaluate it in correct fashion and he should also intimated a correct slot he has to

present at that slot only to present the issue.

It is going to be a Fun round so it can be conducted in between presentations and in

between some events.

Evaluation criteria:

If he present at the venue at appropriate time then he will be awarded +10 marks

If the presentation gives exact focus of the video what we expected and more than

that then he will be awarded 50.

If less focussed on that video what we expected then less marks as per judge.

In this round we are going to take only 3 to 4 teams to be in third round.

Ex: Harry potter movie it will be attached in mail.

Round 3:

Here we are going to evaluate the real time issue resolving

Three characters will be given one is having his own right passion and other is having his

own right passion from the both characters he has to interpret the correct idea and he has

to give the decision.

Evaluation criteria:

As per decision he interpret we will award him accordingly.