BID TO BUILD – Player auction


Have you ever participated in an auction? How good are you in managing your money? Are you the next investment advisor? Explore yourself in the player auction which is an IPL-like auction event. Prove that you are the best investor making the right investment decision.


Bid-to-Build is a two-round event which helps in assessing the ability to make the right decision in combating environment, team coordination and employment of efficient money management strategy. The team which selects the best cricket team within the allocated budget will be the winner of the event.

About Event

Rules & Regulations


This round involves a group quiz contest where in the top 6 teams will be presented with

virtual money according to their scores in the quiz. This round may consist of sub-rounds that

will be informed later. The round will be completed in 30 min.


With the virtual money, the teams have to bid cricket players forming an 11 member team.

The auction format followed is English auction (similar to which is conducted in IPL). From

a list of 80 players, each team has to form an 11 member player team.


1. Each team should consist of 4-6 members.

2. No participant should be a part of two or more teams. If so, both the teams will be


3. All the team members should be present for both the rounds.

4. The decision of the judges will be final and no contentions are encouraged.

5. A T&C document will be given to each team shortlisted after the round-1. Only the

teams accepting the T&C will be allowed to play for the round-2.

Evaluation procedure

To keep the element of surprise, the evaluation pattern will be mentioned in the T&C

document. But will strictly follow the ICC T20 rankings and previous seasons’ performances

of the players. Moreover, to spice up the bidding, the 80 players will be announced on a daily

basis in our facebook page starting from January 11, 2015.